Washington Antiques Fair


Please Read the Following Carefully

Call the Old Show Antiques at 724-942-0357, send mail to
“The Old Show, 128 Evergreen Drive, McMurray, PA 15317”,
or Email us with Unanswered Questions



(The parking lot is paved and level.  Dealers setting up in the main Lot should enter through the rear entrance close to Macy's.)

  • Each Dealer's Pass admits 2 adults.
  • Merchandise must be limited to ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.
  • The setup fee is $60 per space per show.  If paying by check, checks should be payable to "The Old Show" and bear your name, current address and telephone number. There is a $35 fee for returned checks.
  • Vehicles will be admitted by their order in line.  The attendants have the final say on where the dealers will be placed and have the right to refuse admittance to anyone not following directions.
  • Dealer parking lot spaces are approximately one vehicle length by two car widths (one to park your vehicle in and the other to setup in). All wares must be kept within space limits.
  • Vehicles 22' and over will be charged for two spaces.
  • Dealers will set up alongside their vehicle in a space not to exceed the size of their vehicle.
  • Due to excessive garbage, Wild Things Park has requested that dealers no longer leave trash behind after the Fairs.
  • Antiques dealers may not sell food.  INDEPENDENT FOOD VENDORS may sell in the food court in the Plaza with prior approval by the Wild Things administration.  They will be charged the same fee as all other dealers but must first sign an agreement limiting their merchandise to items not available at the Wild Things concession stands and geared towards take-home foods.  For information, please contact Steve Zavacky of the Washington Wild Things.
  • Sorry, NO PETS are permitted on the Park property.
  • Sales tax obligations are the dealer's responsibility.  Contact the Pa. Dept. of Revenue, Washington, PA., 15301, or call (724) 223-4550.
  • Security, parking, and maintenance staffs will be on duty for all shows.
  • Tables & chairs are to be provided by the dealer.  Use of field equipment is prohibited.
  • No dealers are permitted on the field grounds before 2 a.m. so that the we have time to clear the grounds following any scheduled events and/or get our personnel in place.
  • Dealers are prohibited from selling merchandise until the Sunday 6 a.m. set-up time. Those not complying will be asked to leave.
  • Dealer set-up period is from 6 a.m. - 8 a.m.  For safety and fairness to the buying public, PACKING BEFORE 1:45 P.M. IS NOT ALLOWED.
  • Dealers must vacate the Park grounds by 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.




  • Anyone wishing to enter and shop as an Early Buyer between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. will be charged $25 per adult.  (Early Buyers please use the first Wild Things Park front entrance accessed by bearing right as you first enter the Mall's parking lot.)
  • The General Admission Fee starts at 8 a.m. and is $3/adult.  Children 12 and under are FREE.  Parking is FREE.



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